Westwood Lake

by Kelly M February. 07, 2018 746 views

Hey All,

Went for a walk around the lake today to get our blood pumping before cooking a turkey dinner. Got a good shot of a stump and of Ri being her weird little self. Also included some guest photos that Ri took of me! Out of the two of us, I would say she is the better photographer but is generally too busy to really get into it.

Westwood Lake is one of the places of refuge for us in Nanaimo. We run around it, walk around it, and go swimming there in the summer. Think Thetis, except fewer people and rounder. We got that nice silver light today from the cloud cover and some moodiness from a bit of mist.

As far as life goes, we have really been missing Victoria lately. I actually had a job interview there with the same company I currently work for, just a different position. We were really excited to move our life back home, and I nailed the interview. Unfortunately, after my interview the company underwent some changes and the position will not be filled now. I'm sure you can read more about that in the news.

Needless to say we were pretty bummed, and felt a bit guilty for letting ourselves get so excited. Maybe next time. One definition of success I recently saw somewhere was, "the ability to move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm," and that has helped me to keep my spirits up about coming back.

Hope you are all well and I hope we get to see you all soon!

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