Hemer Park

by Kelly M March. 05, 2018 847 views

Hello All,

We went for a walk around Hemer Park today in Cedar. Lots of birds and wetland. We managed to totally miss the huge lake at the park but found a nice pond populated by some lovely white swans. The park was pretty, and the walking trail was nice and flat. At one point we went down to the edge of the pond and sort of basked in the silence. I had a hunch and followed up on it and was rewarded; staring out at the pond, and standing behind Ri, I clapped my hands together suddenly and loudly. I freaked her out but it was worth it when I heard the return clap a few seconds later in the distance, beyond the treeline. I was having so much fun with the echo that I guess I got carried away and she had to tell me to stop clapping after a dozen or so. I think she was jealous because her little girly hands couldn't make a clap big enough to get the echo.

The first photo today features Ri's iconic cream Timberlands. She has put quite a few miles on those babies and I wanted to capture them in their prime. The second photo is a nice shot from Ri of me checking out the pond. I really liked the soft lighting in that one.

As far as life goes, we are still scheming various plans to move back to Victoria. In the short term (tomorrow) we are heading down for Taco Tuesday as part of Victoria Beer Week. We are very excited to see our friends and party. I also have an interview in town the next day so I can't party too hard. The job is a similar to my current one and has a beautiful Monday to Friday schedule. Wish me luck!

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