November 2018 Update

by Kelly M November. 23, 2018 433 views

Hey All,

Wow! It has been a while since I've posted anything here. Well I sure have been busy with school so I've hardly had time for anything else.

As you may know, I'm enrolled in Camosun's Information and Computer Systems program. I am really loving it and I'm surprised how happy I am to be busy every day. I've met a tonne of cool people and all the skills we are learning are super applicable to real careers.

In spite of how much fun I'm having, I am really looking forward to the holiday break as I'm sort of starting to burn out. I had a rough time a couple weeks ago as well when I learned that one of my close friends from Nanaimo passed away.

Rileigh is in school now too. She is doing her Master's of Public Health at Uvic. Her courses are done online and she is really taking advantage of a more fluid schedule. In the last two weeks she attended a workshop on pre-term labour, a talk on genetic testing in pregnancy, and a symposium on child rights.

Rileigh was the inspiration for this blog post as she had just gotten up from her post-night-shift-slumber and was in her coffee, cozy blanket, and Gilmore Girls mode. I am pretty used to seeing her after a night shift but today the idea struck me to capture her in this moment.

In regards to the picture, this was tough because she was in front of the bright windows and her face was in the shadows. There was no real good way to get everything evenly lit so I think we can just embrace the contrast as its own cool thing. I uploaded two photos to show the different things I tried with editing in regards to the lighting.

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Andi Saw 2 years, 3 months ago

", cozy blanket, and Gilmore Girls mode"
I already like her! blue heart

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