No Filter Friday / January 2019

by Kelly M January. 25, 2019 432 views

Hey All,

I meant to do a post-Christmas blog post but school started and I got kind of caught up with that.

As exams were happening last term I sort of lost my mind a bit so over the holidays I really focused on relaxing and spending time with Ri. It was such a great few weeks and we did a tonne of fun stuff. The picture for today is from our trip to Tigh-Na-Mara and Rathrevor Beach. This is probably the first photo that I have uploaded to the blog that hasn't been edited in some way. I think I just got really lucky with the lighting and whatever settings I had on the camera at the time.

As far as life right now is concerned, things are pretty good. School is off to a rolling start but I am actively trying this term to not let it take over my life like it sort of did last term. One thing I am spending a lot of time on though is applying to co-op jobs for the summer term. It is a bit hard to get a co-op only after your first year, as most employers prefer to hire second years, but I have a few irons in the fire and I'm pretty hopeful.


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