by Kendra Abel October. 25, 2018 221 views

Some mornings you gotta celebrate,
Or it’ll burn in you all day…
It’s not that the world’s been fixed,
Or that blood won’t flow,
Or that guns don’t blow,
But the thing is
We know the end
And it’s just the opposite.
It’s the most magical beginning
of a new FOREVER.

The end isn’t the end
And there is TRUE cause to rejoice
for every suffering soul.
You see, it’s music and dancing,
And family and singing,
And feasting and winning,
And freedom raining,
And untried running,
And energy abounding,
And always, always in soul fulfilling
Worship of the Lover who came
And brought us all Home.
Celebrate, O heart, celebrate.

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Laurie Madsen 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Yes, Awakened from the dream (or illusion)!

5 months, 4 weeks ago Edited
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