Leaving Darkness

by Kendra Abel November. 08, 2018 1895 views
Inspired by Perelandra by CS Lewis, Genesis, John, Revelation, and Culture Making by Andy Crouch

Inspired by Perelandra by CS Lewis, Genesis, John, Revelation, and Culture Making by Andy Crouch

I drew the color "black." At first I wasn't the happiest. Me and a group of local photographers put on a color themed gallery and we each contributed a monochromatic photo... and with all the happy colors in the world, the color I drew was BLACK. I love beauty and light, so I decided to use the color black to tell the story of Light. You remember the story in the Garden? The perfect world cracked and turned black with a single choice. So this picture is the reverse of that story. It is where I believe each person since has stood. Each person born into a black world with the reverse choice. Will we return to the light? I've named this photo Leaving Darkness because this woman has decided. And just imagine what it would look like if I could take a picture of the spiritual transformation that's about to take place when she picks the fruit and takes a bite! I believe it would look something like the most magnificent sunrise with the most brilliant colors that just draw you in and make you know you're finally alive. Yes, this whole story is about Jesus. And my attempt to tell that story is in the following poem...

The Earth –fresh, green, alive and bright– she spun,

Keeping time diligently, though she was young.

The mountains, the rivers, the meadows, the trees

The plains, the skies, the hills, the seas,

They all seem so full of joy, so alive!

Almost like they sing to you, they beckon ‘come,’

And you don’t even try,

Your entire being simply joins the song

And you know you’re fully alive, fully happy, your heart whispers:

‘This is what I was made for. This is where I belong.’

How could this perfect beauty get better day by day?

I’m not sure, but it really was that way!

Maybe beauty grew, maybe you just experienced more…

Regardless of how, of this you were sure:

Each new morning was better than the one before.

And then one day a person made a choice,

And in a moment it felt like the beautifully singing Earth lost her voice.

And the spinning of the Earth reversed,

So that each new day got worse and worse.

If Light were goodness, this world turned black.

Silence and hiding, hunger and lack.

That joy was gone, everything went wrong.

Disaster lashed and the pain was strong.

All that was living now knew it was dying,

It came with hate and fear, shame and crying.

And worst of all that silent killer: Decay.

And nothing can stand in it’s way,

Killer of animals and trees, people and planets.

And there’s no ignoring it. No outrunning it.

No defeating it. No destroying it.

That person, she never knew how much that choice would cost.

All perfection has been lost.

Now history has been told.

And that’s why she now stands in a black world.

But not just around her, she also wears black,

Not only on her, but in her, is lack.

That’s why all hearts are lonely, wanting, even hi-jacked.

All of the Earth and everything in it is racked

with the pain of having chosen black.

But there is yet another choice before her.

From outside was sent into the darkness a cure.

Will she reverse the curse? Pick the Light?

Eat the fruit, the Bread of Life?

And if she eats it, it will sink deep to the heart,

Mend the broken, satisfy, chase out the dark.

Light will flood from within,

And joy and peace will reign again.

The Light of Life is within reach,

Love and Wisdom, they could teach

the way back home to perfection and freedom

Because the Light has become a ransom.

So with her eye on the Light, she’s made her decision.

She’s picking the fruit, it’s changing her vision.

With a hand stretched upright and the power of will harnessed,

She chooses the Light, she is now leaving darkness.

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Laurie Madsen 6 months, 4 weeks ago

PS: I'm glad you drew BLACK

6 months, 4 weeks ago Edited
Deana Junkersfeld Yohe 10 months, 1 week ago

Beautiful visual picture of your poem!

10 months, 1 week ago Edited
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