lake field national park

by Ken February. 02, 2010 2850 views

took these shots on a walk a couple of weeks ago in mt field national park, the road to lake dobson is closed at the moment due to smoke from a large bush fire burning near by….living in country australia the threat of fires is very real to us each summer, especially so as many are deliberatly lit on days of extreme heat and wind….can't fathom some people…

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Wanazza 11 years ago

Very nice shot for #1. :) Great set

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Thebronzebow 11 years ago

Beautiful park, Love shot 5.

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Milton Jacob 11 years ago

neat shots... so calm and natural environment

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Mujay 11 years ago

very beautiful set !! ..#1

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Moira 11 years ago

Very nice set. Hope people are more prudent with their campfires this year save a lot of unnecessary trouble and sometimes innocent lives.

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Jacki 11 years ago

Your fires there sound very similar to those here in southern California.... although most aren't intentionally set, they burn huge amounts of land every year. Incredible how the land heals however.

Very nice set of photos... I'm particularly fond of #4.

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Sara G 11 years ago

Very nice shots in #1, would love to sit on that #4 also...we have same problems in dry weather..careless people and care less people.

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Jannie 11 years ago

Very beautiful place to walk. Funny how we are in mid-winter & you are in mid-summer. We have serious wildfires in summer too. I always breathe a sigh of relief when the rains come in late Fall. Hope you stay safe.

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Nancy 11 years ago

Very beautiful post, #4! Every year we have fires, some man-made and many from lightning. Fire ban means.....

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Mikkal Noptek 11 years ago

Beautiful landscapes. I love the tree in the water.
It seems that in every country some people are waiting for warm and dry weather to put on fire forests and woods. People are strange. I can't understand why.

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Ricardo 11 years ago

I also agree with Ruth:(:(

But neat shots!:)

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Margareta Narcisz 11 years ago

that's a pity! nice photos though!(: Russel Falls near to this place?

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Christa 11 years ago

These are lovely shots of a beautiful place. We have the same problem with the fire in summer, specially if it is too hot and dry. It's a shame.

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Heather 11 years ago

Number 2 and 3 are wonderful

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