It's Baaack!

by Kerry September. 02, 2008 2725 views

No ladies and gentleman… I'm not talking about school (especially as it doesn't affect my life in anyway)… but my all time favorite show growing up has returned to the air… with a new cast mind you! To be honest.. I'm not really that excited. I actually promised myself I wouldn't watch it until I hear what people are saying about it… I don't need a revamped 90210 to ruin a great thing :)

I literally GREW UP watching this show as it went off the air when I was in Grade 10. Let me tell you how my life was completed when they were finally put onto DVD!

My collection of the first three seasons…. meaning I have two more to purchase and season six comes out in November I believe! YAY!

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Allison 9 years ago

LOL How funny! I'm a fan also. The season premier was really good. I know you saw it

9 years ago Edited
Marsha 9 years ago

This is so funny. My girlfriend and I watched this when I girls were in school. they didn't watch but we did. Can't watch the new one to much to do.!

9 years ago Edited
Molly 9 years ago

haha, I was a fellow watcher too, I just don't think I was as extreme as you!....I don't have any DVD's of this :) haha :)

9 years ago Edited