Chicago Day 2

by Kevin Marshall October. 11, 2006 4076 views

… Or… I'll be less mean to Travel WM from now onwards

For a country that the car is king, and public transport is … Well… Ummm …. Patchy (that’s a nice way to put it), I've gone local and switched to buses and that sort of malarkey.

Apart from the lack of scheduled and frequency (one in 20), the bus driver was giving out good advice for travel (I've brought a pay as you go travel thing)… It seems less organised than Centro (if that's possible).

I've been informed soliciting and gambling is prohibited on the El. That’s nice to know.

Passing through suburbia is like anywhere. Another city skyline, with everything that goes with it.

Typed At Granville. Tell me what I was thinking of when I typed that. This Sonia is cheesy level 5. Could be worse… It could be the classic Central line one (1)

I'm staying about 8 miles away from the centre. I tend to do this as you get to feel a city, rather than the dead heart of it.

Later: I've walked down the mile, the up it, and around it, getting use to locations, sights and things. Suffice to say its full of Americana would be an understatement. Its a city, with all the fun that goes along with it.

On a lighter note, I’ve got the office the usual sweets… It'll remind them of why we like Cadburys…

To those who are intrested, Oreo's have been purchased too… Pop Tarts for a certain work colleage I will sort out in a couple of days time

My friend rendevoused with me … so I'm now not on me tod out here.. which actually is a bit more comforting. Plus its anohter brit… so we can do What-O impressions as far as muc has possible.

today's pictures

1- from the hotel room … a LOVELY view
2- the hotel. It isn't called the purple hotel for nuffing
3-the end - Views of Chicago

tommorow… from the top of the city hopefully!!!!!


(1) A sonia is the given nickname to the on-train automatic annocnuer. So called because it gets sonia nerves

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