Chicago Day 7

by Kevin Marshall October. 16, 2006 4532 views

… Or Graduating from Kollege… and Maybe a bit of growing up too?

*you need to read yesterdays blog for the rest of this to make sense.. so go back to day 6 please before reading this*

… And she was sent home without me being allowed to way goodbye…


No closure…. No… Anything…

I pretty much guessed it was going to happen… Just a shock when it does.

Nowt new. Finding something and loosing in… Well you don't need me to tell you how it feels. Suffice to say, I’ve been dealing with a set of emotions I wasn’t prepared to deal with when I came out here.

Am I glad I played and met a wonderful person who made such an impact in my body and heart? You betcha. And I’m taking that memory back with me and holding it dear my heart.

In terms of learning, I saw some excellent rope play with a twist (seeing someone getting water with their hands bound behind them was… interesting… its ), some edgy interrogation… And a wonderful humiliation demo. If you had seen it, without prior knowledge, some would had considered it Domestic Violence, or very dangerous. It hammers home an important point: CONSENT AND COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO ANY RELATIONSHIP, and communicating with others is SO SO SO important.

I made some wonderful friends this year – the twins (who were very “The Shining” … Will you come and play?), A queen of purple, a lot of Massage sluts, some wonderful DM’s, and I’ve made a lot of friends who I intend to keep talking to… and if I get lucky and return – maybe play with again

The convention itself was worthwhile, supporting a scene in another land … I might seriously wander over again next year…

I also plugged the cause of Backlash, and my Photography as well… so it has been very worthwhile in that respect.

The evening was spent dissecting the event, people and things as well as the interpersonal relationships that have been and gone, the play that’s occurred… and Yes.


If there’s one thing that gets on my nerves, it’s packing.

Suffice to say, with amount of Oreo’s, pop tarts, gifts and other junk, as well as camera gear, corsets, dresses, t-shirts, equipment and other things… Its been fun packing


Blogs over the next few days.

For Day 8, I’ll probably post it when I get to Manchester Airport, unless I find a cheap internet terminal. Day 9 will be *hopefully* be done in a National Express Coach… or a vermin train service

So onto the pictures.

today's americana - surburbia
2 + 3 touhy avenue
4 - light through a tree
5 - well.. yes.
6 - run into the world.

Depending on hotspots.. there might be anohter post!

K x

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