Its Rather British Old Chap! - A Visual Guide to things that are British...

by Kevin Marshall November. 06, 2006 5025 views

** Piccies to be updated when I get time - downed to issues on site **

So lets kick off with a new series of…..

“Its Rather British Old Chap!” - A Visual Guide to things that are British…

Today, we shall concentrate on the Classic Red British telephone box.

for those who are bored, look at: []

I've gone for old and new ones… I know personally which i prefer…

And with the comparisons of phone booths and the like in the world, its nice to see an old fashioned red phone box where you can dial a pizza if you've lost your mobile phone…..

Next week on “Its Rather British Old Chap!” - Ambulances - or “Get me to Casualty.. STAT!”

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