Chicago Day 1 - Or Stuck at Manchester

by Kevin Marshall October. 29, 2007 3861 views

Chicago Day 1 – An extended stay at Manchester Airport

So after waking up at 3am, and mobile for the 4:30 National Express coach (express.. that coach? I swear it couldn’t had been more slower) , once again, I reached Manchester airport, and the long hike through the redesigned tunnels to Terminal 3… to be confronted with a 1 hour check-in queue… and a 30 minutes security queue.

I know this is a fact of life when travelling, but it still just makes it less and less intresting

It then got better.

An annoucment at 9:00 “|There will be further information about the delay to this flight at 09:35.”

Uh oh.

09:35 came duley an the words “We regret to annocne that flight has been delayed due to a technical fault. The next posted time of departure is 12:50”

*slilent curse*

Howeer, BMI came throught and presented the vouches for £5.95 for light refreshments – in my lanugague, coffee and a sandwich (coffee made to my spec – ie . strong)

Normallt I wouldn’t be objecting too much… a good time to watch planes land.

However, as had 3 other people at the other end to meet (the one time I do this of course) it’s a ROYAL pain up the jacksie

Ho hum. More tomorrow. For now, please enjoy some plane crazy pictures

Delta 767 Landing

BA 757 off to london

One of Fly Maybe's little Smelly BAE 146s'

A BA 737

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