Trip Report BD706 – ORD-MAN or "has the PE product dropped hard?"

by Kevin Marshall March. 04, 2008 10125 views

Trip Report BD706 – ORD-MAN
(Anger Management for Travelers.. or has the PE product dropped hard?)

See [] for some contex

After a 66% successful trip (business was crappier than last time…) I still was in the mood to go home in style (or some sort of style anyway).

So here is the homeward bound leg of the Chicago trip.

O’Hare… O’Hare… O’Hell…

I’m fast coming to hate this airport with a vengeance. Specifically the international terminal is finally getting to me with the lack of facilities in it both land-side and air side. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

After making sure all my friends checked in (one was off to LGW via CLT, the other off to Nashville) I made check in stupendously early. So to kill some more time, I made a trip to the ORD Shoppie (which if you like your plane models, I can recommend…), plus it allowed me to grumble about the elevators (i.e. the ATS system elevators are 1) mostly slow and 2) non functional at T2).

I made Check in about 2:30. This was then mostly useless as well. The SAS staff allowed me to check in early ^, but as I presented 3 bags, I was told I would have to pay for the 3rd (as a silver)

No no no no NO!

Even mere BMI silvers have a 3rd bag right (to which the outstations are obvious to..) After 5 minutes they agreed that as per DC rules, a 3rd bag within limits were allowed (Praise the lord and pass the salt!!!!). I then managed to buy an upgrade into a PE Cabin (now $400 instead of $350 .., BMI are money-spinning that now it seems)

After a few minutes, my new boarding pass was spat out and I as cleared into the PE cabin.

Luggage was taken and placed directly on the belt – it seems that the big scanning machines have gone away for now… (alas even as a silver, no *A Priority tags)

Of course, as a mere silver, one cannot access the lounge at ORD as it’s a SAS lounge (thus Star Alliance Gold or Business Pax only). As a result, I started to look forward to the very long wait before boarding begins. And as nearly nothing is near O’Hare you can’t exactly escape to anything :( (well maybe to Dominicks near Cumberland Avenue to pick up some Oreos, but that’s besides the point … the luggage is in already…). So I did what I normally do – flip the camera out and take pictures for a bit before I got bored, froze, or the batteries expired.

Unsurprisingly, the cold win that battle (within 10 minutes)

Security at O’Hare was the usual (shoe shuffle, laptop out, boarding card out… ) then a person pushed in on a Alitalia flight to MXP, asking to cut in (I almost exploded at that point)


(and before anyone asks, yes, I make sure I’m within plenty of time for my flights). After clearing security, i found a power point to charge up the laptop

The usual wait occurred (which at O'Hare can get very boarding, lounge pass or not). The plane was tugged in, and the plane was prepped for flight. After a short while, pre-boarding begun, and as a BMI *S, I had one of the first options to board after pre-boarding was completed .

Seat 14A, Premium Economy cabin, 50% load.
BMI Airbus A330-200, G-WMBB.

After boarding I was asked if I liked roller-coaster rides. Translation, a lot of turbulence due (the Captain rated it an 8). My inital thought.. buckle up!

As boarding continued, this was the lovely sight that was outside…

The plane slowly filled, with a lot of late arrivals, and I suspect, a lot of people who mis-connected as the cabin wasn’t filling up hard. Initially I was sharing my space with someone, but as the doors went to close, my seat-mate moved to the seat in front, giving me a lovely load of space (double seats with 49" pitch… sounds good to me for the next 6 hours and 40 minutes) .

The plane then pushed back, safety demo ran , and off we went into the black coloured air.

Service started with a proper pre-emptive top-up regime in full progress, even in Premium Economy. Lots of Chardonay into the glass! :D (ok, I'm a simple person with simple pleasures)

As usual, the pretzel things did their rounds,

After as shot while, it was time for dinner:

Chicken Risotto – BMI style, in another foil box..

Yet again, it’s the foil tin… nothing changes. The food quality from the US end is still pretty good in comparison to the Manchester centre which always ruins the rice.

The ice cream for a change was not Choccie chip or Cookie Dough… it was Vanilla or Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream :eek:. Of course, Strawberry cheesecake it was. A quick coffee round and 1½ hour later, it was lights down in PE. (with the lights still on in Y as the crew were finishing up the service.

Duty free was done in the dark. Again, I asked for a model A330 again (I do this out of the challenge rather than getting the aircraft now). Surprise Surprise, none in stock! Oh well. Nothing changes there.

A water bottle service was then made, and the crew made occasional walk-through, checking things were fine as the seat belt sign was on for the majority of the night section of the flight (and rightly so - it was very bumpy). At this point, I noticed no-one had an amenity kit loaded. Surprisingly, they weren’t loaded for PE :(

About 1 hour 30 from landing, a breakfast snack service was made of a Cinnamon and apple muffin (tastier than the blueberry one) and the pot of fruit. The on-board team managed again to do a pre-emptive topup on coffee for a round or two before cleaning up the cabin and preparing for landing at Manchester, which was on the far runway, towards the terminal (odd I thought). We then had a leisurely taxi to Gate 44 (where this journey started nearly 12 days ago). There was a short delay as the air bridge was attached, and business passengers were let off first, then the rest of us.

Passport control was quick, and the passport was scanned and just waived through with minimal inspection. Luggage delivery was reasonably slow, with a good 10 minutes before the first batch appeared, with my luggage delivered within 15 minutes. I then made my way through the maze of the airport and out onto the cool Manchester Airport morning air to the Train station for the long slog home with a rucksack, suitcase and a ski bag full of Tripods…

I've taken quite some time writing this report up, trying to be fair and removing some of the “get out of my way you annoying person who couldn't be bothered to check in” anger.. but its been a bit hard writing this one up.

O’Hare International Terminal: I honestly am trying to find nice things about the International Terminal. The fact I can’t says a lot. Bare facilities before departures and barer facilities AFTER departures (although a few more booths have magically appeared. Its just a poor “International” Airport all round (even the Domestic terminals are better served! Dread the thought that people might actually want to SPEND MONEY at the airport!!!). I've noticed one of the newsagents is now stocking salads and rolls (and vastly overpriced priced) and that there are 2 bars to purchase alcoholic drinks (with big plastic buckets with the words TIPS on - noticeably empty)

SAS Ground Handling: Oh dear. Someone needs to bring them up to speed on Diamond Club Rules regarding the 3rd bag for Silvers. Perhaps a quick refresher from base would help. The lack of priority tags for ANYONE also shows up that base shows its under-supplied and under informed (and don't bother asking about the fragile tags - you won't get them!)

Security: Pretty respectful. The TSA have a bad enough reputation. At least this lot were warning you there was not food options after security. This is an improvement at least.

Boarding: Nice and quick, No questions asked, BP was checked, and my BMI *S confirmed.

On Board team: very good as usual, with good service all round. Very humorious, with a couple of the staff recognising me from a flight ago.

The Onboard product: this is unfortuantly starting to suffer. It can be seen in little things, like the lack of amenity kits, and the continued use of tinfoil tins for dinner. And these little things a

Miles Awarded: Only Base Miles as the flight is an upgrade so 3814 Mil;es (which means another 2 flights to hit Silver for next year)

I’m normally very positive about the BMI experience, and I would still recommend them, if for the on-board staff alone. However, the cost cutting HAS to stop.

United and US Airways are having a wonderful race to the bottom as it is. There is no point in BMI joining them, nor would it serve any real purpose other than a little ding at the bottom line. If BMI wanted to do that, it would be better to rip out the old business seats, plop in a few rows of UA 38" seats and just charge more at the gate for them (And I for one would be sad if they did that).

By having a quality product, and providing the product is pushed well and sucessfully, it will drive revenue to them. At the moment, I'd have to think twice about paying up for PE again unless the product as a whole was much more improved. Either that, or I'd better get used to saying hello to LHR T3 (or T1 when they move) and begging for an E+ seat on a UA flight…

Comments, Insults and general moaning welcome

Welcome and Goodbye from Chicago!

The International Hall of flags. The Pretty big of T5

One BMI A330 being tugged in

The plane at the gate loaing

I don't care where you come from, thats a pretty sunset

And thats a bit prettier

taxing around

Crossing the bridge

Waiting for BA to take off before we do


Illinois/Wisconsin from the air

Illinois/Wisconsin from the air

Illinois/Wisconsin from the air and Lake Michigan

Ooh.. Legroom

Pretzels and Sparkling Chardonay

Chicken Risotto.. in a tin foil box. again.

Crossing into morning

Nighttime in the cabin

My home for 7 hours or so.



Preparing to land

Whilst waiting this was taking off…

and the BMI Star Alliance special…

But yet all of this has to be lugged home…

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