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by Kevin Marshall January. 17, 2009 19881 views

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After disembarkation, it was a walk from A6 to Immigration, where the pass-through was arranged for Dublin pre-cleared passengers. A saunter through customs, and I was within the United States of America. One of the joys of traveling without luggage is that its possible to move quickly and keep moving

To make life a bit more painful. I shelped over to the F gates. Whist nice enough, it lacks a lot of the main facilities of the A/B/C terminals at PHL

Alas, I tried to standby for the earlier LaGuardia flights to no success (the first flight was delayed – the second flight was just as bad and they still wanted $50 to list for it). However, after hanging round the gate waiting for everyone else to board, I was asked I was boarding… and was issued a scribble pass.

Leg 3 - US4222 - Philadelphia International Airport - New York LaGuardia Airport
US Airways Express operated by Piedmont Airlines, Dash-8-100 (37 Seat), Seat 5D
Miles Flown: 91, Miles Earned: 600

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My first flight on a Dash-Trash (amazingly I've avoided them for so long, judging how many of them fill my local airport) , and my second trip to Urban New York.

I boared the plane without having to gatecheck anything and took my seat (being the last person to board the flgbt). After a few minutes, the doors went to close and off the little Dash went atrundling around PHL before queuing up for take-off.

I suppose I’m not used to Prop aircraft at all (the last time I was aboard a prop, I was a lot younger, but the vibrations as well as the sensitivity to air pockets made it a fun flight. I’d say the most fun flight of the trip. As a such, it was a low level flight, so the whole landscape was before you.

Service was brisk, but there was a fair amount of drinks sold (I didn’t partake this time – I had a gallon of coffee before boarding the flight).

Alas, I was assigned in the wrong side of the airplane , no pictures of Manhattan, but it was a very choppy and bouncy landing. Still, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a plane for sometime. Could do with a pair of earplugs though…

At LaGuardia

Looking at my arrival time, I had a choice – either hang around and check out the place – or head straight to gate 17 to see what space was aboard the flight..

It seems I’ve set a new record for the amount of time I spend in the NY/NJ area … 45 minutes. An improvement on the 5 minutes I spent last time at Newark, but one day, I’m going to have to actually visit the city

And if pigs willl fly ;)

Once the boarding had mostly been completed, I asked what was available – and took a middle seat (for that was what left).

Of course, there was a queue down the jetway, with a pilot and a few of us talking about US1549, and some of the glaring oversights (the lack of people wearing lifejackets, how long luggage takes to dry out and what Doggie will do with a slightly soggy A320. Personally, I think it would make a great museum piece… but that’s me…

Leg 4 - US2183 - New York LaGuardia Airport - Washington Regan National
US Airways Shuttle, Airbus A319-100 (EOA), Seat 12E
Miles Flown: 214, Miles earned: 600

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There's always something reassuring getting back to an old friend. The A319 is one example – the relative shortness of it with the capacity and the design of it makes for a low chance of design messups, and it shows. The aircraft was in very good condtion, clean and the seat covers were all in place and not falling off. Rather good for US Airways actually.

After a short wait, it was a case of queue up, climb into the air, and begin the slow slog over to Regan National.

Whilst the rest of US Airways (US Dom) seems to have abandoned free drinks, Shuttle has maintained it. And it seems everyone likes a freebie, with everyone partaking of drinks. Pretty soon there was a rubbish collection, and a lovely nighttime approach to DCA… which I failed to catch at all thanks to the middle seat.

Is a 1 hours wait worth a middle seat? I’d saiy so.

After making my off the plane, it was time for a walk to the kerb and to find a transfer for the hotel.

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I like these kinds of reports, they make me travel... ;))

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