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A nice simple transit system…. I’ve actually found one that exists in the USA! (Excluding the Chicago L… but that’s another matter completely – I understand it – not many others do ;)). After catching a metro back from Le Enants to Regan National, I made my way around the architecturally nice terminal that is Regan National. Check in of course was unmitigated disasters – I made my way into the E-ticket queue to be mistaken for a non-rev (I have to do International check-in for all legs). After sighing for 5 minutes, I queued in the First class queue (which technically I can now), and got checked in for all legs to Dublin.

The TSA… it seems the TSA at Regan have had some lessons in manners and were treating people nicely. My request for a manual scan of film was met without compliant and I passed through successfully, and took up a waiting perch for a bit as I couldn’t standby for the 14:30 flight without ponying out some more cash to US Airways.

Another nice feature (apart from the pretzel shop and the obvious Obama tat that people are selling) is laptop charging points - a useful pit-stop to charge before today’s fun and games of flights begin properly.

Baording was done by rows – unusal I thought until I boarded…

Leg 5 - US2038 - Washington Regan National - Boston Logan International Airport
US Airways Shuttle, Airbus A319-100, Seat 8A
Miles Flown: 399, Miles Earned: 600

Map generated by the wonderful Great Circle Mapper []

This flight is yet another segment on my mileage run – and infact the longest internal flight out of the collection – and helped give me the most possible time in Washington DC by some mad reason.

After boarding, it was obvious this flight was lighty loaded with most people having half a row to themselves – a lot of space to scretch out in. Whilst in the row before the exit row and having no recline, I made my own recline once airborn.

Take off was reverse to landing – taking off away fro Washington DC before swinging around and flying off to Boston.

Another signs loads were light – drinks service was done by hand. Again – a free service on Shuttle services, so it was appreciated.

The flight itself was smooth, and tracked the east coast to Boston, with a cleanup of items, and where after a few fancy turns, we landed, and after a short taxi, docked and the doors were opened. By the time I was in the terminal building, it was night.

Overall: US Airways Shuttle is prehaps its strongest Y class product - it's constant, delivered well, and delivered at the same level. For a Y class flight, you cannot ask for much more…

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