Sunday Omelette

by Khaled Bashour February. 18, 2007 2070 views

My first food post: The best Omelette ever!

Here's how you do it:
You need: Eggs, fresh cream, fresh mushrooms, spinach, cheese and butter.

1- Put some chopped up fresh mushrooms in a frying pan with some butter until they become all soft and shiny.
2- Pour in a small box/can/bottle of fresh cream.
3- Add a bit of frozen spinach.
4- Boil the mixture until it becomes more a cream than a liquid (could take a while if you put a lot of cream.
5- Remove the resulting mixture from the frying pan, add a chunk of butter, and then the omelette-ready eggs.
6- While the bottom side of the omelette gets cooked, add a column of grated cheese (Preferably Gruyere, but I'd also go for Parmesan or Emmantel).
7- Pour the spinach-cream mixture over the omelette and close it by pulling one side of it over to the other.
8- Enjoy!

Damn it now I'm hungry again…

By the way, you can replace the spinach with bacon cubes (but in that case you start with the bacon cubes so its bacon, mushrooms, then cream as opposed to mushrooms, cream, then spinach).

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