St. Gallen

by Khaled Bashour July. 17, 2007 1238 views

Third time I come to St. Gallen, and I still think it's one of the most boring places in Switzerland (yes even more boring than Bern).

This is a city who's administration's idea of making it more exciting was to paint a whole portion of it red!

This is the final stop in our Swiss tour. Hope you enjoyed it.

The sun finally shone for the first time in 3 days…

Omar playing it safe… You know, in case God was Catholic.

In the St. Gallen Cathedral.

Omar's red car.

Me looking as handsome as ever.

Omar sitting on what seems to be nothing…

I don't know why, but Ali seemed like he was always pissed off at something.

A cool effect from the fountain water.

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