Dr. Penrose

by Khaled Bashour September. 25, 2007 1749 views

Chapter 1 Introducing the Issue

It’s 1977 and Zein is a heroin addict. She will lie, steal and even kill just to make sure she gets her fix. Some situations come up in which she does lie and steal. One day she even kills a man who refuses to give her his money when she threatens him. At the time she is perfectly aware of what she is doing, and given that she enjoys her lifestyle, she does not let anyone get in her way.

Thirty years later, it’s 2007, and Zein has been clean for over twenty five years. She is a loving mother to two children who are in their last years of high school, and she is a reliable member of the community. She volunteers for organizations that rehabilitate drug addicts and get them off the streets. She gives occasional lectures about her days as an addict and hopes to inspire young people to quit or never start taking drugs. She is a soccer mom who is also a prominent member of the community.

However, the police find new evidence for an unsolved homicide in 1977, and are able to link the charitable soccer mom with the murderous drug addict. Now people in the community have to answer the following question: Is Zein, the loving wife and mother, still responsible for the heinous crime that was committed in 1977? Is she still the same person as that drug addict?

Interesting point. But what about Zein the 2 year-old toddler? How is she related to Zein the heroin addict? If we know that she would soon run away to become a murderous heroin addict, should we prevent this by locking her up as a child?

Bana just defended her PhD thesis, An Essay on Personal Identity and Responsibility. Congratulations Dr. Bashour!

Zein, the heroin addict

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