9 Months After Valentine's Day

by Khaled Bashour November. 14, 2007 1828 views

People who are born on Nov. 14th are so lucky, because it means they were theoretically conceived on Valentine's Day! How cool is that? These people are a product of love! (My parents contemplated abortion…)

I couldn't find a picture of Ghenwa and Fares but I did find some pictures in which they have something in common. In the first two photos Ghenwa (Pink arrow) and Fares (Blue arrow) are ignoring each other at New Years… The next two photos, they are both singing Karaoke at Ali's birthday, Ghenwa while dancing with me, and Fares while getting drunk… And finally, in the last two photos, taken just moments apart at Bana's birthday, they both have the privilege of having their faces stuck to mine!

So Happy Birthday to both Ghenwa and Fares, and please, next time you attend the same event it would make my life so much easier if you'd take a nice picture together. That goes to all same-birthday pairs who expect to appear on my blog…

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