Long Live Raël!

by Khaled Bashour March. 20, 2008 1497 views

This weekend the Raëliens were sighted in Lausanne. An interesting group of people who go about telling people not to believe everything they hear because the media is biased. They tell us that we are being brainwashed as a society.

It all sort of makes sense, until you read their manifesto that tells us that what they actually believe is that the human race was created by a superior alien race who will be coming to visit us around 2035.

Here's an excerpt from their website Rael.org [rael.org]:

“We do however, understand that there are people like us, called the Elohim, who have over 25 ,000 years of technological advance on us and are responsible for coming to this planet thousands of years ago and creating all life as we know it. The Elohim explained to Rael in 1973 that they to were created by a race of people who were also created by a race of people and the cycle never ends as we are a continuum in a never ending chain. No beginning to the universe in space nor in time. As they are our creators we have a great admiration for them but we do not worship them as a Supreme figure. We love them and are preparing for their arrival sometime before the year 2035.”

At least we know one thing for sure… This religion will be either be proven right or will disappear in about 27 years…

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