Engagement: Rebekah & David

by Kiara Keaton January. 21, 2017 1982 views

When I got an inquiry from Rebekah about their wedding in October of 2017, I was beyond thrilled! My mom has been friends with Rebekahs family for the longest time, and they personally asked for my mom to be my second photographer at their wedding. Which, how cool is that?!  And David and I actually went to the same high school! 

Anyways, in December I met up with Rebekah & David at some beautiful fields here in town for their engagement session. The weather was amazing, the perfect temperature outside, and the sunset lighting did not disappoint! 

They were one of the most easy going, love radiating couples I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The love just radiated through them! We had so much fun during this session, with little chats in between to break the ice, to making them laugh by saying "YOU CAN DO IT! YOU'VE GOT THIS! LAUGH!!"
Then comes the fake laughs - which turns into real laughs - but it gets a great reaction from my clients to get that natural laugh shot! 

I left their session so pleased, and I remembered why I chose this path in life! To capture memories that would last a lifetime, and more. I can't wait to shoot their upcoming wedding in October, I know it will be a very special day!! 

Location: Apopka, FL

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