Kyoto Imperial Palace Gardens

by Kieran July. 14, 2008 1708 views

Today we visited the Kyoto imperial palace in the centre of Kyoto. It seems this is a fairly hard place to get into unless you're a foreigner.. If a Japanese person wants to get inside they have to apply to do so which can take several months, however if you hold a foreign passport and are visiting the country you can arranage to go inside on a guided tour as long as you register at least 20 minutes before the tour begins.. All the buildings are very old and quite special so you cant actually get inside any of them so the tour just goes around the grounds and you're very closely sheparded by security gaurds and guide. The imperial palace is no longer home to the emperor as he now lives in Tokyoo.

Screen Doors
These decorated screen door are in the building which would originally have been the the place where the emperor kept his visitiors waiting before he saw them. You would be kept in a different room depending on your rank or position. Each room has a different name and is decorated differently. These photos were taken from outside the building looking in because you're not allowed inside.

More Screen Doors
These doors are from another of the waiting rooms in the same building.

Even More Screen Doors
Again another waiting room.

Final Screen Doors
Another room with decorated screen doors.

The gate of a building within the Imperial Palace grounds.

Gate To The Inner Palace
This is one of the gates that leads into the inner palace grounds.

Main Building
This is the main building at the centre of the Imperial Palace site where the throne is kept.

Through The Gate
We weren't allowed any closer than this to the main inner buildings and there were quite a lot of people around on the tour so uncluttered photography was difficult…

Outer Gate
This is one of the outer gates of the Imperial palace.

Another Outer Gate
All of the gates are for use by different people. Some can only be used by the emperor himself or visiting heads of state.

Outer Gate Again
These gates are very big and heavy looking…

Palace Grounds
Another building in the palace grounds.

Detail of the roof on the buildings surrounding the inner palace.

Emperors Quarters
This is the building where the emperor would have lived when not conducting official business.

Reception Area
This is where the emperor would have met his visitors, sitting on the thick matting you can see on the floor. Behind there's also a throne in case he got tired of sitting on thre floor, and his sleeping area is further on to the left.

Inner Palace Buildings
A building in the inner palace area.

This large ornamental pond was in the inner palace grounds. The picture itself is a panoramic shot created by sticking a row of photos together so you can see the whole view in one shot. I do not know who the person on the right is… they just happened to be standing in the way when I took the shot and I didnt want to crop them out and miss the side of the pond and couldnt get a clearer shot afterwards because more people flooded in so she'll have to just stay there…

This bridge is very pretty indeed.

Here i am in the Kyoto Imperial Palace Gardens…
Photo by Jessicat :)

Inside The Palace..
Sneaking a peak inside the building through an open door…

Part of the grounds are covered in trees. The kitchens and workers quarters used to be situated here away from the main buildings of the palace.

Another Bridge
Another very pretty little bridge on the grounds…

More Decorated Doors
Quite a few of the rooms had these decorated door which you could see if you peeked inside at the right angle. Here's one of them.

More Doors
Here's another set of decorated doors. Apparently the scene that the picture depicts is of the poeple present playing a sort of ancient drinking game whereby they had to construct a very particular form of ancient Japanese poem before they could drink anything…

Another Building
Here's another building in the inner palace grounds.

The Palace
Another quick peek into the palace buildings…

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