Osaka Castle

by Kieran August. 02, 2008 2094 views

This is Osaka castle in Osaka!
It's one of Japan's most famous castles and is set in grounds which are roughly a kilometre square.

Obligatory tourist photo #1. It's me! Photo by Jessica.

Obligatory tourist photo #2. Jessica!

The castle has a moat much like a western castle would, it's also surrounded by sheer stone walls and built upon a raised platform with sheer rocky sides. This its main method of innate defence from an enemy attacking by foot.

It's quite tall, about 8 stories in fact, and exquisitely coloured in its white and gold. It looks especially good against a good solid blue sky!

It certainly looks like it'd be quite difficult to get in to! Here's the building again with my beautiful assistant the reference-Jessica included too to give some idea of scale…

The walls below the building are very steep and would be impossible to climb.

But it's all very nicely geometric…

These days there's even a lift up to the main building.. How strange it seems that a castle (being what it is and what it's built for) should one day become so accessible!

Gold-leafed castle details…

This is a fish I think…

Blue, white, gold, black, grey, green. They all seem to go together so very well…

Silly tourist photos continued.. it's Jessica!

Final silly tourist photo… I got all dressed up for it….
Photo by Jessica

The castle is set amidst what is now a park that forms a great green clearing in the city. This is how it looks from afar if you go and look out across the city from a very tall building…

And if we go in a little closer with massive 300mm lens power we can see the castle a little more clearly… From here you can spy the green colour of the castle roof a bit better too. It isn't really all that visible if you stand underneath the building and look up…

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