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Uji is a city on the southern outskirts of Kyoto in Japan. It's built around the Uji river and is particularly notable for the high quality green tea that is produced and sold there.
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Uji River…

A towering stone monolithic pagoda like structure near a bridge on the Uji river..

There's also a large dam here slightly further up river.

Pigeons, it seems, can be found wherever you go the world over!

Uji really is the place to go for green tea and anything green tea related. One of the things you can eat there are green tea flavoured noodles! They're actually pretty tasty! You can also get all sorts of green tea flavoured confectionery from ice cream to more traditional bean and rice based Japanese sweets.

Japanese green tea, or ‘Matcha’ is a very thick and very strong tea that's so awesome it's drunk in a bowl rather than a cup! Most teas are an infusion of a leaf or plant, but Matcha is literally powdered tea leaves dissolved into water, so you're not drinking the essence of the leaf but the leaf itself. It's fairly strong stuff and has a definite caffeine kick to it. far more effective than coffee for keeping you awake for long nights of working…

More thick green tea, this time served with a Japanese sweet consisting of sweet red bean paste surrounded by wafer. The green ball-like objects on sticks in the picture above are another Japanese sweet made from a sticky sort of rice and flavoured with more green tea!

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Sara 11 years, 5 months ago

Great shots!!! love # 2 and 3! Congrats:))

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