Nara Lightup

by Kieran August. 07, 2008 2290 views

Nara is the ancient capital of Japan, and there are many important historical buildings there as well as a multitude of temples and shrines. On certain days throughout the year the town has a ‘lightup’ event where thousands of candles are placed on the ground all through the parks and open spaces, and you can go out and walk around amongst the bright glowing magic of it all. The best viewpoint to overlook everything from is atop a nearby mountain, and you can see in the photo below how the path up it is also marked by lights.

Jessica amongst the lights.. Unfortunately I didn't have a tripod with me whilst I was in Japan so these photos are a little limited by that!

Jessica again in one of the parks of Nara.

One of the largest parks had a mass of lanterns laid out in the shape of an enormous phoenix on the ground. This panoramic was created by sticking together 4 or 5 individual photos to make a single image, so you can see the whole of the bird in it! It was very difficult to get a clear view of the shape because the place was very crowded and higher viewpoints were quite a distance to walk to. To see a larger version of this image click here [].

A closer view of the wing of the giant bird…

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