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From Hiroshima we travelled to a small island not far away called ‘Miyajima’. This is the view back towards the ports and city of Hiroshima from the ferry to the island.

Miyajima has been considered a holy place for most of Japanese history, and has strong links with many Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. In the past, women were not allowed on the island and old people were shipped elsewhere to die, so that the ritual purity of the site would not be spoiled. The island's real name is actually ‘Itsukushima’, Miyajima merely being a popular nickname meaning “Shrine Island”. The island is famous in particular for this shrine, Itsukushima, which has a unique Torii gate built out on the water.

There's also this rather impressive 4 tiered pagoda tower on the island too.

The gate to the floating shrine…

As we drew close to the island the golden light of the falling sun was just beginning to die down as it headed inexorably towards the mountains on the horizon.

This is one of my favourite photos from the past three months. It just instantly makes me think of Japan.

And as ferry reached land, the sun began to set…
Tomorrow is my last post.

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