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Whilst I'm off over here in Japan I've decided that the best way to let people keep track of my activities (should they desire to do so) is so create a photoblog and post images of the places i've been and things i've seen. So here is that photoblog.. feel free to browse about and leave comments and enjoy in any way you see fit. If there's anything you want to request a photo of or suchlike then contact me at [email protected] and i'll be more than happy to oblige! With the help of Jessica i also hope to add cultural notes to things to give an idea of interesting bits and bobs that might be fun to find out. All of the photos are geotagged to a google map that can be found here: Google Photo Map, so look for the image number in the title above an image (eg IMG_1234) then find it in the list of placemarkers on the google map and click on it to see where the photo was taken. You can also use the satellite map feature of google maps to see an aerial view of the exact spot the photo was taken from! Enjoy!


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