There was Town of Frenier

by Igor March. 20, 2013 77832 views

Long ago, there was a small Louisiana town along the banks of the Mississippi River. The name was Frenier. Julie Brown, who owned much property in the area, had been the town oracle in Frenier for many years. In the early evenings, Julia would sit on her front porch singing and playing her guitar. One of her favorite songs foretold the destruction of the town, and the lyrics of the song included, “one day I'm gonna die, and I'm gonna take all of you with me.” The year was 1915 - a year that rocked the USA's Gulf Coastal regions with many devastating hurricanes. On September 28th a storm was threatening the coast, heading toward Frenier. Julia Brown died just before…then, on the 29th it hit. All lives of the village were taken by the horrendous storm –Julia had taken the town with her when she died.

Buried were many. And as the crosses show on this property, Julia was buried a far distance from any of the other townspeople so she could rest in peace, and not ever be disturbed. Perhaps even in the midst of it all, those left behind feared her religion and voodooism.

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Astrid 8 years, 4 months ago

little scary but also pretty

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