33 years ago today.......

by Steve King February. 02, 2012 1506 views

….I went to work wearing a black armband with 2 silver safety pins….My punk hero Sid Vicious had died…In 1991 when I was a student in Blackpool my mate Donk and I played “Never Mind the Bollocks” and drank a lot of Vodka and Orange (Sids favorite drink) untill the Landlord complained…As I write this I have the same Album playing on my Iphone, no Vodka tho..

I had this page from the NME on my wall for years

Once A Punk alway a Punk….

North Staffs Hotel in 1978

what would happen if Sid auditioned for X Factor [youtube.com]….. It would be the only episide I'd ever watch

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