Day 7: The Marketplace

by Ivan Steenkamp January. 07, 2017 550 views

In Kaitaia we have a local market. Each Saturday, people from all over the area come to sell a large variety of things e.g. locally grown produce, trinkets, art, secondhand stuff etc. 

The watermelons that we grew we also sell there. 

Today I went wandering about the marketplace, taking snaps here and there. I know its supposed to be one picture a day, but I want to show more today, so that you can see the market too! I present to you my favourite one of the day:

Blue sky, market stalls selling native New Zealand plants

There are many stalls here that sell plants and trees

These are the rest of them... Enjoy!

Black and white. Two market stalls selling health products.

There are all sorts of stalls around!

Many stalls selling products. blue sky.

There are a lot of people selling stuff


A whiteboard sign in front of green containers containing veges. On the sign it says prices for the veges.

Locally grown produce. Nice and fresh!

This is the second year that we have been selling watermelons at the market.

Looking out from underneath a green gazebo. underneath the gazebo are two tables with boxes of watermelons on them.

This is our stall

Boxes of watermelons on tables underneath a green gazebo in a market place

My Dad and sister on the job!

 How I created this photo:

1. When I was walking around the place, I kept my eye open for the right moment and subject placement. Pretty much like street photography.

2. Camera settings: Nikon 18-105mm set to various focal lengths. Mostly low ISOs because it was bright outside.

3. Edited in Photoshop, Viveza, Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, and Silver Efex Pro plugins.

Have a great day!


You are welcome to give me advice and comment on my photos.

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