Day 31: Possums

by Ivan Steenkamp January. 31, 2017 929 views

Oh My Goodness! One month has already passed by? It does not really feel like it to me! I have had heaps of fun and jump-started my photography in this month. Having my camera with me wherever I went helped me see the beauty all around me. My favourite photo of this month is Day 12: Peria Valley.  

Yesterday evening we set traps in the native bush up the road from us. This morning around 8:00 am we went back and checked the traps and found two large possums in them. Before killing them (please don't feel bad for them, they really are a destructive pest) and plucking them, I took a portrait of this male possum. 

Here are some links to NZ websites that explain why we do possum trapping.

DOC, Day 30: A Native, Predator Free New Zealand.

A possum holding onto a totara tree trunk

I know he looks cute in a way, but he is a really destructive pest!

Because it was early morning when I took this photo I used my 50mm lens and set it to f/2.8 to get extra light and sharpness (if I used  f/1.8 I would get a soft image).

After importing onto my PC, I edited the photo with Photoshop, Color Efex Pro and Viveza.


Hopefully one day NZ will be predator free!

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