Day 32: Ambitious

by Ivan Steenkamp February. 02, 2017 997 views

It is great to have you along on my 365 project! I really appreciate it!!!

I actually did not have an idea of what I wanted to do today. I have not shown you any photos of our fish yet, so I took a photo of one of my baby Platies. I wanted to show how small it is and isolate it from the rest of our fish. The piece of food was just a lucky extra! When I saw it on my LCD I immediately thought of ambitions and dreams. I just wanted to encourage you today in this new month. 

A small orange fish trying to to eat a fish flake. Green leaves are out of focus behind it.

- Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is -

Shot on a D5300 with a 50mm prime lens. Aperture set to f/2.8 so that I got enough depth of field.  

Edited in Photoshop and I also used Color Efex Pro and Viveza.


Your part in photography is never too small!


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Ram Ya 3 years ago

I have the same hobby but I took down my planted tank when I started traveling :(
The key is to have really good light and CO2. However, having high-tech CO2 can really cause some major algae issues if you do not balance everything.

Do you have any algae issues? Do you use CO2?

I love the green, clarity, and the focus on the small fish! Great hobby for sure :)

3 years ago Edited
Ivan Steenkamp Replied to Ram Ya 3 years ago

Thanks! Our tank is doing well. My Dad did 25 years of fish breeding before I was born. He tells me that one gets algae when there is a little too much sun/light and waste (food and fish waste). Luckily we don't have that problem!

No algae issues and we don't use CO2. The fish also produce CO2, so the plants get enough to live well...

Cheers :)

3 years ago Edited
Ram Ya Replied to Ivan Steenkamp 3 years ago

You are lucky. With CO2, algae spread really fast in my tanks. The natural method seems to be much more manageable.

Btw Ivan,
I sent you a private message. Please check your PB inbox.

3 years ago Edited
Ivan Steenkamp Replied to Ram Ya 3 years ago

I did not get a message from Admin, I only got one from canon6d... I already replied to that one. ???

3 years ago Edited