Day 33: Coffee Beans

by Ivan Steenkamp February. 03, 2017 305 views

Recently I have been thinking about how to do a successful 365 blog. It came into my mind that it would be a wise decision to photograph things that I would most likely not see again in a long time. That way I would still have lots of photo opportunities around the house and places I go to often for later.

Today's photo is an example of what I just explained. We have a small coffee plant in a pot on our deck. I did not notice that it had flowered and had produced these lovely red fruit until recently. I am not sure how long they will last so I had better take a photo now!

Red coffee beans and white flower buds, green leaves frame them. lovely colour.

I never knew coffee beans could be red!

Photographed with my D5300 with a 50mm prime lens (for shallow depth of field). 

Edited with Photoshop CC, Color Efex Pro and with Viveza.


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