Day 34: Vibrant Sunset

by Ivan Steenkamp February. 03, 2017 750 views

While I was sitting inside the house doing some stuff, my dad called out to me and said that there was a really good looking sunset in the sky. I had a look and then hurriedly went back inside to get my camera before it started to fade. I did a couple of minutes of shooting before the colours started to drain out of the clouds. I am very pleased with what I got today! 

What do you think?

A vibrant sunst with orange, red and pink clouds. The sky above the clouds is dark blue. The bottom third of the photo is silhouetted hills and trees.

This is now one of my favourite sunset photos.  I am so glad I got it! :)

I set my lens to 18mm to get the whole landscape in the frame and dialled down my aperture from f/3.5 to 4.5 to get a sharper photo. 

I edited the photo mostly with Camera Raw and did some minor tweaks in Color Efex Pro.


Keep your eyes open and camera ready for those fleeting moments of beauty!


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