Day 44: Window Blinds

by Ivan Steenkamp February. 14, 2017 375 views

In New Zealand we have a youth program called St John Cadets. It is part of the St John ambulance network. I have been participating in St John for over four years. Going on camps, volunteering in the community, leadership courses and drill (marching and uniform care) and First Aid are a few of the many things I have done in St John.

I do not have any photos of it today, as I have to get permission to post photos of our divisional activities. Parents might not want their children's photos on the internet... I did get something though. After parade, before I left I noticed the window blinds. I liked the repetition and the soft light that was on them. This photo is SOoC (Straight Out of Camera)! 

White curtain blinds photographed from the side

The repetition of the blinds combined with the blurring out in the distance is very interesting to me!

Image is SOoC. Shot with my 50mm set to f/2.8 to get a sharp picture and shallow DoF (Depth of Field).


Keep that shutter clicking!


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