Day 64: Tennis Ball

by Ivan Steenkamp March. 07, 2017 625 views


After getting back from the second day of the First Aid course, I went searching for something interesting for today's post. I had already set up my camera to do macro photos, so when I found a lovely yellow tennis ball, it was a no-brainer. Do some macro photos of it ! I had fun and got some really nice detailed nylon threads.

A closeup of a yellow green dunlope tennis ball and the nylon threads against a black background

A landscape of threads

A macro photo of tennis ball threads and black paint on it

What a chaotic scene!

An extreme macro of tennis ball threads tangled together in yellow and black

It looks like a huge mess of tangled fishing line

First photo. 50mm mounted backwards on my camera.

Second and third photo. 18-105mm mounted backwards and set to unknown focal lengths.

TIP: A cheap way to get into macro photography is to buy a inexpensive reverse ring kit. It converts a normal lens into an amazing macro lens!

Edited with Photoshop, Camera Raw and Color Efex Pro.


The ordinary can look extraordinary if you use your creativity!

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