Day 66: Inchworm

by Ivan Steenkamp March. 10, 2017 955 views


Hi, I'm back. I had a busy few days. I did not what to put up only one photo a day so I had to do some editing and catching up too. 

Well, one of my brothers came up to me a few days ago and gave my this inchworm. I have always liked to do macro photography but I did not have many detailed subjects to photograph all the time. So, when he gave me the inchworm I immediately wanted to photograph it but I had to finish my schoolwork and other household tasks first. 

In the evening I set up my photography workspace with an overhead soft-box and a light blue/green card for a background. I reverse mounted my lens to convert it to a macro lens. I put the Inchworm in a bunny tail grass (photo 2 and 4) and on another stick too (photo 1 and 3). It was tricky to photograph it because it moved surprisingly fast for its size (which is magnified through a macro lens!).

A yellow inchworm on a brown stick. A grey blue background is behind it.

It is about 1 cm long, and much more intricately made than I would ever have thought!

A yellow inchworm on a fluffy plant

It has such an interesting skin. So many hairs!


It's feet are like little sticky sucker pads

A yellow inchworm standing up on it's hind legs. It is standing on a little stick

It looks like a hunched over old man!

Photographed with a D5300 and a 50mm lens reverse mounted.

I edited it the photos in Photoshop, Color Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro and Camera Raw.

TIP: Use a piece of coloured paper or card to "brighten" up your macro photos. Sometimes white ore black looks a bit too plain.


Macro photos reveal the hidden details most people overlook, It is a very exciting genre of photography!

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Shimna M 3 years, 10 months ago

Ivan good shots, specially #4.
Thanks for your tip to use coloured paper to brighten the macro photos :)

3 years, 10 months ago Edited