Day 90: Three Hours At The Beach

by Ivan Steenkamp April. 06, 2017 995 views


We had a very nice day at the beach, myself and two of my brothers. My Mum dropped us off at Shipwreck Bay in Ahipara to enjoy an afternoon together. I really liked the pleasant weather we had while we were there. 

I had my camera with me of course! While I was looking after my brothers I took photos of all the interesting things I saw. My favourite/best twelve are bellow :)

A black back seagull launching into flight from its perch on black rocks. the waves are crashing behind the rocks. It is blue skies above with white clouds.

Launching into flight when it saw me. Black-backed Gull.

A boy walking in the ocean. blue water is behind him with a mountain in green.

Wading in the water.

A man casting his fishing line into the blue ocean. he is standing on black rocks.

Casting the line.

A sepia photo of a man bring in a fish he caught in the ocean he is holding the fish in his right hand and the rod in his left. he is smiling.

Reaping the reward!

A small orange crab in a pool of water contained by porous rock.

Cute little crab!

A vibrant aqua green wave cresting and dragging the sand into the barrel. Foam is formang at the crest. It will break in the rocks in the foreground. Blue sky above.

A wonderfully coloured wave cresting

Green hils in the background. Blue water and waves forming and crashing on the rocks.

Surf crashing on the beach

A purple clawed and red crab hiding in between the rocks

Crab in hiding.

Small black mussels on a rock.

Small black mussels.

Two brothers in the water. only their heads are out of the blue water. a small wave is forming in the foreground.

Having fun in the water!

A small boy macking a sand dripped tower on the sand. he is sitting on the soand wtih the tower in between his outspread legs. He has a serious concentration look on his face.

My brother concentrating really hard!

A very camouflaged octopus hiding in between to rocks covered in small red fluffy plants.

It is a very pleasant surprise to see an octopus in New Zealand!

Equipment used: D5300, 18-105mm, 50mm f/1.8.

Editing: Photoshop, Camera Raw, Plugins; Color Efex Pr, Viveza, Sharpener Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Dfine.


The ocean is amazing! The sea life around it is so wonderful! 

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Antonio Gil 3 years, 9 months ago

Well done. No sharks there?

3 years, 9 months ago Edited
Ivan Steenkamp Replied to Antonio Gil 3 years, 9 months ago

None that I know of I'm glad to say!

3 years, 9 months ago Edited