Day 91: Driving Through Town

by Ivan Steenkamp April. 08, 2017 1030 views


Wow, another month is history! Time is flying!!! 

On to the first photo for this month.

If you live in a country that has  Daylight Savings in place then I think you would have experienced the confusion I still experience. It is making more sense to me after seven years of living in New Zealand! OK, so what does Daylight savings have to do with the photo? 

When it was supposed to be light it is dark, basically. An hour of daylight is moved to the morning when Daylight Savings ends. It has ended recently, so now when we went to town at the same hour as usual the light was different. That is why I had the opportunity to take light trail photos, an opportunity I did not have for 6 months. I have used this technique a lot when I had a small point and shoot but I have not done it for a long time.

It is relatively simple to capture a photo like the one I did. 

While my Mum was driving I leaned out of the window and took photos. I like to focus my lens on a light in the distance and then lock the focus to avoid focusing distractions. Even though I could have used an aperture of ƒ/3.5 I used ƒ5.6 to get a longer exposure with more of the lights crisp and in focus.

I tried to keep the camera roughly in the same position so that the light trails would resemble city lights and not just a blur!

Light trails in squiggly lines. The light trails are continuous and formed by the street light while the car was driving while I was in it.

Metadata: D5300, Nikon 18-105mm @ 18mm, ƒ/5.6, 3 sec, ISO-100.

Editing: Photoshop, Camera Raw, Color Efex Pro.


Try out this technique next time you have the opportunity. Maybe with a friend.

Don't try to do it while you are driving! Its not worth the risk.

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