Day 132: Grooming

by Ivan Steenkamp May. 23, 2017 1035 views


Here is my cat grooming herself. She looks so adorable when she is cleaning herself! 

I set her up on a fluffy black blanket on our sofa and bounced the flash off of the wall. 

The wonderful expression of  cat  felicity!

The wonderful expression of cat felicity!

Metadata: D5300, 50mm ƒ/1.8 @ ƒ/2.5, 1/200 sec, ISO-250. 

Lighting: Yongnuo flash bounced off the wall.

Editing: Photoshop, Camera Raw, Color Efex Pro, Viveza.


When it comes to personal hygiene, cats are the epitome of cleanliness. They are naturally equipped with the implements to groom themselves: a barbed tongue with which to lick, fore-paws they moisten with saliva and use as a surrogate washcloth, and teeth to dig out tougher debris.​

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- Kim - 4 years ago

What a cute cat!  Nice capture of her in a candid moment :)

4 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 4 years ago

What a cutie!  I've tried many times to photograph our cat as she grooms but it's such a challenge as she's black and always seems to find the darkest places to sit!

4 years ago Edited