Day 137: Tunnel Of Bokeh

by Ivan Steenkamp June. 10, 2017 1073 views


After I went down to feed the chickens (I still gotta get a photo on the blog for you) I remembered about something that I had tried out before. Some time ago last year I used my 50mm lens to create an interesting bokeh effect with a roll of chicken fence wire. I gave it another go this day.

The photo came out different than I thought it would look like, but I like it anyway. The evening sunlight was illuminating the wire from the side creating a lovely orange bokeh effect.

A tunnel of bokeh in wire...

A tunnel of bokeh in wire...

Editing: Photoshop, Camera Raw, Color Efex Pro.


I'm back from a long break. In the next few days I hope to catch up with my posts. I was busy with some exciting projects during my break...

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