Day 144: Mist Over Kaitaia

by Ivan Steenkamp June. 16, 2017 805 views


When I went outside on this night to photograph the stars, I changed my plans a bit. It happens to me often, adapting to the situations that present themselves to me. I have to go with the flow. Almost all of the time it turns out the be better than I had hoped for, like on this night.

I set up my camera and took a few photos. On reviewing the photos I noticed that there was a mist over Kaitaia. I don't often see this so I zoomed in a bit to draw more attention to the haze in the distance. The stars were an added bonus!

Town lights illuminating the blanket of mist.

Town lights illuminating the blanket of mist.

Editing: Photoshop, Camera Raw, Color Efex Pro.


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