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by Markus Kniebes April. 11, 2020 336 views

For a saturday I woke up quite early today. It was one of those morning, I could remember my last dream. And it gave me a hard laugh.

Germans are a quite obsessive when it comes to toilet paper during the Corona crisis. Who would have imagined. I guessed that it would be difficult to get local beer specialties. But no! Toilet paper!

Anyway, weeks ago when panic buyings started, I ordered eight rolls of pure luxury from Amazon. 100% bamboo toilet paper, eight rolls. As a joke.

On the day of delivery I surely was at home, having serious business at the toilet. Well, it's just toilet paper. The delivery will be placed at a neighbour or I will receive a notification card. What could go wrong. The courier stored the package in a packing station and did not send me a notification card. That was March 26th. There were emails, phone calls and attempts for pickups. I could not get the package from the packing station. Well, the shipment will go back to the sender.

However, in my dream the delivery was placed. But it were not eight roles. There were tens of thousands. All individually, without packaging. The delivery person stacked all of them in the hallway on all floors and the stairwell as well. It was difficult to get from floor to floor. I tried to move the rolls to my apartment. No chance! Far too many to find space in my apartment. Out of desperation, I knocked on all my neighbours and said, "Hey! Free toilet paper for everyone! For lifetime! Help yourself!"

der morgendliche blick aus dem schlafzimmerfenster.

A while ago I got the Nikkor Z 50 F1.8 S when it was cheap to get during some payback campaign. But I do not make use of it too often. Although I have no complaints on the quality, I find the results very sterile and the bokeh is simply boring.

But sometimes it's attached to the Z7 and then I use it like this morning.

The morning view from the bedroom window
The nice thing about panoramas is the sheer size.

The morning view from the bedroom window The nice thing about panoramas is the sheer size.

Here is the original. (approx. 32 MB 12889 × 5485)

my postbox.

The only reason to go to the city is to see for my postbox regularly. The restaurants are still closed for a good reasons and I have nothing else to do in the city.

And the reasons I have this senseless postbox at all and what confused thoughts drove me to get one, I'll tell in another blog post.

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C F 1 year, 3 months ago

I have a postbox, too, but it's a good excuse for a good long walk once a week or so. I did love your toilet paper dream!

1 year, 3 months ago Edited
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