by Kim Phung October. 02, 2017 699 views

Today's post is going to be a mixture of a couple of things. My day started off with a cute little photo shoot done by my boyfriend, Wayne. He's slowly getting the hang of my camera and it's awesome that I am able to share my hobby with him. The leaves down Griesbach were beautiful! Moreover, it was funny to see all the actual professionals down there with all their gear.

In the evening, we went to an area downtown called IMPULSE+LOOP: THE QUARTERS. It was this cool light up park that was only temporary in the city. We decided to go on the last day, and sure enough it was pretty busy with people. With the sea-saws lightening up colors and making sounds, to these circular machines that when pulled on the bar inside rapidly an image would show up.

Now to the more importantly and serious message that I wanted to write about. Yesterday (when all these photos were taken), a terrorist attack took place in my city. A policeman was first ran into by a car and then repeatedly stabbed. Hours later, from what I believe was the same man, had then taken over a U-Haul and proceeded to go downtown and run over 4 others. While I was heading down to downtown, I saw a bunch of cop cars with lights flashing everywhere. I had quickly messaged one of my friends in the area to make sure she was okay. As scary as these moments are, it reminds me to live life to the fullest and to keep my loved one close. So many natural disasters are happening around the world, especially in the past little while. It leaves me breathless to see what's happening away from me, but also what's locally and literally within 10 blocks of me. Stay safe everyone!

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