An old reunion.

by Kim Phung September. 02, 2018 330 views

Brenda, Paulina and I.

Brenda, Paulina and I.

Nothing beats having some food with previous coworkers from a previous job. I sit back and think to myself of all the times I had come to one of them for advice or help in regards to my job at the time. Our countless laughter and all those silly memories we shared. They are part of what I've become today and they have shaped me in recognizing that it's important to keep ties that shouldn't be cut overtime. Regardless of how long it's been.

We caught up! I admit, it's pretty fun hearing of all the similarities we share in relation to how "adulting" life has indulged on all of us. We're all finding our ways to deal with growing up, while loving at the same time what past we've built together.

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