A New Journey

by Shaqira Smith July. 21, 2019 406 views
"To Feel Loved And To Be In Love" - ShaQira "Kiwi" Smith

"To Feel Loved And To Be In Love" - ShaQira "Kiwi" Smith

Love is incredibly powerful. For the past few weeks, I have been experiencing extreme emotion to everything which is quite unusual for my case; I'm quite carefree and light-hearted. These emotions have been causing me to act on impulse, rather than logic. I cannot express how dangerous and toxic this has been to my mental health. I have been blaming everyone for my hurt, lashing out, shutting my loved ones out. One great day I came to my senses and realized the problem actually lies within myself; I had never actually moved on from my past. I was only distracted. Someway somehow I managed to convince myself for the past 4 years that I was healed when in reality, I am far from it.

This post will mark the beginning of my new journey; growing from the past, getting back in touch with my spirituality, and finding peace.


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