Quitting My Job: The Aftermath

by Shaqira Smith February. 20, 2020 1430 views
ShaQira Smith (me) photographed February 9, 2020

ShaQira Smith (me) photographed February 9, 2020

We are now in the middle of February and I want to start off by saying Happy Black History Month to all of my sisters and brothers. This month is dedicated to us worldwide, but black history shall be celebrated every single day!!

2020 has already taken an entirely new turn for me, but in the most positive way. If you have been following my journal you would know that I was a part-time employee at Goodwill. It is my great pleasure to reveal that on February 1st, I actually quit! It was literally the perfect way to start off a new month and a new chapter of my life.

It has officially been 2 weeks since I quit and I am honestly already feeling the effects of being unemployed. 2 weeks to some people isn't a long time, but with everything that's happened since my departure it's felt like an entire month. The hardest part about taking a break from minimum wage jobs has been trying to stretch my money and avoiding any impulsive spending. To refresh anyone's memory, I am still self-employed as I do run my own business and as of now it is my only source of income until I start working another job again. While my business is doing incredibly well, it is still small so I only make a little more than half of what I was making when I had a part-time job. Regardless, I am still happy to be making some kind of money and have another source of income. Besides, I am actually getting better at managing my finances. I'll get more in depth on that topic in a separate article (stick around for that!).

Now every new chapter has it's pros and cons. While money is the only con I've been facing since I left work, there are a ton of pros that make my financial situation not even that important. Goodwill was not a flexible or reasonable job for me at all as it wasted so much of my time; I remember coming home feeling so unmotivated to check my shop or start on a new art piece. See, I worked every other day of the week, so even on my off days it was extremely stressful because I tried to fit in so much within the day knowing that I'd have to be at work the very next morning. As I began to notice this unhealthy pattern I knew I had to take responsibility and get myself out of this situation which is my entire reasoning for quitting. Since my last day of working there, it's felt like a breathe of fresh air. So far, I have spent this entire month promoting my business, staying committed to finishing all of my commissions, engaging much more on social media to create a stronger support group, and I even went to a local town-held garage sale and met some really nice people!

Aside from my business life, I have also had time to reflect on myself and dig deeper on what I can do to improve my perspective on the outer world to become a better business owner, and simply, a better human being. As I covered in my article, "Goodbye 2019. Hello 2020!", this year will be all about soul searching and becoming one with who we are. I discovered several behavioral patterns and habits that I have, some positive and some negative. I have gotten better at practicing my self care routine and even switched up a few things within my normal routine to help me adjust to a healthier lifestyle. For instance, now every Monday and Friday from 12 PM to 5 PM I fast; I've only been doing it for 2 weeks now but I absolutely love it!

What I am trying to get at from all of this is simply, if you are experiencing something in your life that does not contribute to your personal growth, it is okay to take that risk at letting it go. The thought of something like quitting your job, cutting someone out of your life, or letting go of a daily habit can seem scary because it is what you're used to. But we must remember, growth can only occur once one decides to open their mind and step out of their comfort zone. I quit Goodwill because it no longer served my mental growth. I knew there was something greater out there for me and I took the risk. You can apply this mindset to any situation in your life. Ask yourself, am I really satisfied with my job? Does this person truly feed to my happiness? Think of what changes you can make to create a better lifestyle for you. There are going to be cons to every action you make, but instead of focusing on the negatives think about all the positives that will come out of it. And if you have to make the big leap like I did, go for it!

You are in control of your life. As I always say, your life is your canvas. Paint it beautifully.


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