A Small Act of Self Kindness Can Make A Big Difference

by Shaqira Smith February. 22, 2020 825 views

On Thursday, I spent 2 hours meditating and 30 minutes reading "Body Wars" by Margo Maine. What I did that day was much needed. Lately I have been experiencing self doubt. I've been trying too hard to be the best and it's causing me to lose my mind. Savoring solitude, being comfortable with privateness, and appreciating myself for what I am now are three concepts I am attempting to get better at grasping. I'm so used to being an open book I literally feel guilty when I don't make myself so accessible. I invest time into all these different self care practices to better myself when in reality there's nothing severe that needs to be changed. But after Thursday, I think everything's gonna be alright. I'm learning to let situations be. I'm learning to allow thoughts, whether positive or negative, come and go. I'm learning to accept my physical appearance for what it is. I'm learning to move at a slower pace and just enjoy what's in front of me. I'm learning to not expect everything to happen overnight. I'm learning to stop placing blame when things don't go right. I'm excited for my journey. Whatever happens in my life I am going to take full responsibility. My life is my canvas, the palette is in my hand, and I'm going to paint a masterpiece!


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Here are some bonus POSITIVE affirmations I found! Take care of you. Celebrate you.

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