Invest In You: March 2020 Affirmation

by Shaqira Smith March. 01, 2020 780 views
ShaQira Smith (me) photographed February 28th, 2020.

ShaQira Smith (me) photographed February 28th, 2020.

We are officially in the month of March! I hope February was amazing to everyone. If not, look at March as a fresh start for you. Here's an affirmation for you to keep in mind as we go through another month of chaos, cherishable moments, laughter, tears, and life lessons:

Take a day to nurture your soul, replenish, and come back down to earth.

We get so wrapped up in school, work, family/friendly matters that we forget to care for ourselves.

CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF!! Every day or at least once a week if you can, do a mental health self evaluation. Ask yourself: am I truly where I want to be?

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with turning to therapy, counseling, or medication if you can't handle it by yourself. Most people need the extra support. At some point I did. It's completely normal!

Take care of you. Celebrate you ❤️


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