Monday 2nd January

by Kristina January. 02, 2017 230 views

Second day in. A lovely lunch was had with two dear people. It was lovely to be surrounded by adult conversation about books, politics and religion. It left me thinking about what I want from life. I want my husband, my family, my home and health. I want to see the world - not just see it, but to experience it, feel it's pulse, meet different people, agree and disagree, argue and converse. I hate watching young people say they are going 'travelling' when they come back completely unchanged and bigoted. How can you truly understand a place without seeing it's history, trying it's food, looking at it's art and literature? We have no holidays booked this year, but I am happy. I would rather be in control of ourselves and see what this year brings first without throwing time away.


Day 2 - A photo of Scott. Was meant to be for his driving licence

Day 2

Day 2 of life gone by

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